Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vietnamese Crepe....

Today I made Vietnamese crepe aka banh xeo. Its was so yummy. I have been craving it for so long and finally I decided to make it.
How to make it:1. crepe mix (1 bag of crepe mix, a bundle of green chop onions, half thin slice of white onion, two beat eggs, pinch of salt, 1 can of coconut milk, 3 cups of water) put all this in a big bowlThe crepe flour and coconut milk that i used but you can use any brand (above)

2. Ingred that are put inside the crepe: half cook pork meat and cut into semi thin pieces, shrimp, chopped mushroom (i added this in..not the typical banh xeo ingred but I like mushroom so i just added it), and bean sprout

3. Cooking it:
1. put a spoon full of veggi oil in a non stick round pan and lower that heat to low and add in few pork meat, shrimp, and mushroom..cooked them till they are somewhat cooked..move half the ingred to one side and some to the other side..leaving the middle part of the pan with nothing
2. add in the crepe mix and spread it around the pan till it cover the whole bottom area of the pan..try not to move the meat, shrimp, and mushroom.
3. Turn the heat into high...put the pan cap on for about 1-2min) take the cap off and add a little bit more oil on the side of the pan to make it a lil crunchy..add in ur bean sprout on one side..put the cap back on for another 2-3min...n take the cap off...flip the non bean sprout side of the crepe to the bean sprout flip it in half
4. Let it sit for a few second and then take it out the pan and into a plate
5. Serve with lettuce and mix green leafy veggi
6. Each crepe should be done ~5min
Fish sauce mix: fish sauce, half a lime, garlic (3), fresh pepper, sugar, and hot water...depending how much ur making..u need to taste it to ur own liking

And pretty much your done!!! Well if there any confusion you can ask me and i will tried to help make it clearer...for the fish sauce mix..if you want to know exact measurement then i suggest going on youtube or online to get it..cuz i didnt measure anything..but just add the fish sauce and hot water till i like how it taste with the garlic, sugar, lime and fresh pepper.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Emotion vs. Logic

When the heart win…

I always had base my decision using my head rather than my heart. Logic had always given me a clear view of what is right and what is best for me. The heart is weak in my opinion. Emotions are like a rollercoaster because it can go up and down at any moment. Decision that is base on emotion is more likely to lead to regret later on in life. Sure picking logic doesn’t always make you happy at the moment but later in life you won’t regret what you have done. Life is a long journey with many traps and obstacle. How your life lives out is base on what kind of road you want to take. Why would anyone want to pick emotion when the path it offers is usually filled with fog and uncertainty. On the other hands, logic will always show a clear path of what is ahead. But now I know why some people would pick emotion over logic. When the heart is hurting it is hard for logic not to be waver a little bit. Logic itself can see what the heart is going through. Logic begins to step down and slowly letting emotion takes over. Emotion is then can make its decision to ease the heart. Even though logic is letting emotion win it is still on the sideline waiting to come back again to hopefully fix what emotion had done.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Spam Musubi...

Made spam musubi for the first time...i like to tweak my food..I dont know if it will taste good or not..but I just do it hoping it will come out yummy lol. Food is about experiencing and tweaking it around to make different favor and style so let your imagination take control...If it doesnt come out the way you wanted or it again..n dont give up :)

What I did:
1. Fried up the spam in a frying pan
2. Rice mix (add rice vinager, fried onion, and sesame seed)
3. Keep the spam can..remove the bottom of the spam can with a can opener...clean it
4. Use the clean spam can and add the rice mix inside the can so that you can mold the rice mix..slide the rice mix careful not to unmold the rice mix
5. toast up the sushi wrap with oil mix (veggie oil, sesame oil,garlic powder and salt)till it a little bit crispy
6. Cut up the toasted sushi wrap in 3-4 if its a big sheet
7. Put the spam..rice mix mold on top of each other..and wrap the sushi wrap around the spam and rice mix mold

yep..that it!!! enjoy..nom nom :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

25 Things You Should Know About Me...

1. Afraid of the dark

2.I will start sneezing or get really sick after being around smoke and strong scents too long

3. Afraid of spider, bee, and many more other insects and creepy crawler!!

4. I have a teddy bear that is as almost as tall as me

5. Addicted to watching Korean drama..i always end up crying lol

6. Re-pierce my nose..its on the right

7. I wash my hair with baby shampoo..cuz they have less chemical that wont irritate me

8. I prefer my hair long straight..than short..curly hair kind of make my face look chubby lol

9. One piece of pizza can break me out...n sometime chocolate can cause me to break out too

10. I like eating dark chocolate b/c its have a bitter sweet taste to it

11. I can't eat anything too sweet or else i get headache

12. I like eating spicy food..yummm

13. OMG Rite Aid ice cream r so yuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmy..i can eat them in any weather condition lol

14. I am very crafty with my hand..i like making gift then to buy gift

15. I have a <3 for animals

16. When I was lil I wanted to be a veterinarian...but then I can't deal with seeing animal being hurt so i back off

17. I have a <3 for elderly people..especially those that r around 70-100 years old..i think they r so cute and lovely..n it is true that old people do become a child again..just need to be patience and listen to what they have to say..i volunteer at a senior center before n i love working there

18. I love looking at the stars and the nite sky

19. I have two close Viet friends

20. When i go through tough time in life..somehow i end up with a new pet..they cheer me up

21. I have seen ghosts n experience paranormal activity (dont laugh..its not funny)

22. I saw zuki last breath before he pass away..i will never forget that moment

23. My weakness is I can forgive people easily..i hate staying mad

24. People think I am funny..but I dont see it lol

25. Ummmm I love anything that are name it...all the sanrio stuffs..i just love cuteness