Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vietnamese Crepe....

Today I made Vietnamese crepe aka banh xeo. Its was so yummy. I have been craving it for so long and finally I decided to make it.
How to make it:1. crepe mix (1 bag of crepe mix, a bundle of green chop onions, half thin slice of white onion, two beat eggs, pinch of salt, 1 can of coconut milk, 3 cups of water) put all this in a big bowlThe crepe flour and coconut milk that i used but you can use any brand (above)

2. Ingred that are put inside the crepe: half cook pork meat and cut into semi thin pieces, shrimp, chopped mushroom (i added this in..not the typical banh xeo ingred but I like mushroom so i just added it), and bean sprout

3. Cooking it:
1. put a spoon full of veggi oil in a non stick round pan and lower that heat to low and add in few pork meat, shrimp, and mushroom..cooked them till they are somewhat cooked..move half the ingred to one side and some to the other side..leaving the middle part of the pan with nothing
2. add in the crepe mix and spread it around the pan till it cover the whole bottom area of the pan..try not to move the meat, shrimp, and mushroom.
3. Turn the heat into high...put the pan cap on for about 1-2min) take the cap off and add a little bit more oil on the side of the pan to make it a lil crunchy..add in ur bean sprout on one side..put the cap back on for another 2-3min...n take the cap off...flip the non bean sprout side of the crepe to the bean sprout flip it in half
4. Let it sit for a few second and then take it out the pan and into a plate
5. Serve with lettuce and mix green leafy veggi
6. Each crepe should be done ~5min
Fish sauce mix: fish sauce, half a lime, garlic (3), fresh pepper, sugar, and hot water...depending how much ur making..u need to taste it to ur own liking

And pretty much your done!!! Well if there any confusion you can ask me and i will tried to help make it clearer...for the fish sauce mix..if you want to know exact measurement then i suggest going on youtube or online to get it..cuz i didnt measure anything..but just add the fish sauce and hot water till i like how it taste with the garlic, sugar, lime and fresh pepper.


  1. Omg hahaha I just had that for dinner last night! That's such a coincidence. I love how banh xeo taste but eating it is so messy sometimes, but that's how viet food rolls lol